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We won't sell your email address or your personal information or anything else nefarious like that. We won't give it away free, or even share it. Just custody of your information is right out. Honestly, we plan to neglect it horribly, paying it no mind and pretending that it's not even there. All passwords are encrypted so even if we wanted to peek we couldn't make heads nor tails of them, so feel free to use something really embarrassing or your same password from work.

We're rather hoping that there's never anything on this site that would get it served with a legal notice. We make no guaratees that the hosting company will not happily hand over logs and harddrives if you do something spectacularly dumb that calls down the mighty wrath of Sony upon you, like trying to post the entirety of Mirrormask. With that in mind, you might want to check the Copyrights notice page.

Don't be evil or the fairies will get you.

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