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People hand me theses and papers on my stuff at signings, and many of the ones I look at seem to be covering similar ground, which makes me crinkle my brow and think that it would be easier for people if there was somewhere that academic work already done could be posted or available and be easily consulted.

-- Neil (cite)

This section of the wiki is devoted to academic documents about the works of Neil Gaiman.

We invite you to submit your own papers, theses, and so forth. You may do this by uploading your document via the Upload file page. Accepted formats are: txt, rtf, doc, pdf, and ppt. If you are unable to upload your document, email us with your contact information and we will get in touch to get the document from you.

After uploading your document it is suggested that you create a new page for it named Academia/<title of document> so that it will show up in the below list. If this is beyond your abilities never fear -- someone will be by to check over your work and do if for you if need be.

If your work has been placed in the wiki you should feel free to remove it. Contact us if you wish all traces of it to be removed.

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