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It is a fine thing for a website to have a web-elf.

-- Neil (cite)

Web elves, but not THE web elf
Web elves, but not THE web elf

Little is known about the Web Elf. She appears out of nowhere to fix things around http://www.neilgaiman.com/, flitting to and fro.

She posts pictures, she works on new features for the site, she alerts us when Neil is offline and provides marvelous diversions and bribery.

We have it on reasonable authority that the web elf is neither Mary Gaiman, nor this person, nor a member of this collective.

Those in the know claim she is among the most fabulist of elves. Then they chuckle at our perplexed expressions.

NOTE: If you come into direct contact with the web elf, do not make eye contact!
NOTE: Can be distracted or persuaded by the offering of cheese

The web elf is currently on hiatus, or semi-retired, depending on whom you ask, and has turned her duties over to the Web Goblin

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