We Can Get Them For You Wholesale (short film)

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We Can Get Them For You Wholesale is a 2004 short film by Vancouver based Ghostwood Films. It was directed by Kody Zimmermann and stars Marin Patenaude and Paul Jarrett. The screenplay was written by Kody Zimmermann based on Neil Gaiman's short story of the same name.

Gwen Thorpe (Marin Patenaude) had everything going for her: a good job, a mild-mannered fiancé and a nice, uncomplicated life – everything a young woman could ask for … until she suspects her boyfriend of having an affair with the office tramp.

Jealousy, aided by a growing psychosis, forces Gwen into seeking out Mr. Kemble (Paul Jarrett) – a salesman for an "extermination" company that promises to relieve Gwen of her competition. Things go awry when Kemble offers Gwen an unexpected bargain. A bargain that doesn’t bode well for anyone connected to this seemingly innocent-eyed young lady.

The film was produced by Ghostwood Films [1] and completed in 2004.

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