The Big Crossover


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A 56 page crossover event between the various Tekno Comix titles, split into four page segments published in the backs of various comics. As one may guess from the format, the characters were quickly shoved together, found missions, saved the day, then life went back to normal like nothing happened.

The "big" crossover saw the transition from the titles being published by Tekno Comix to Big Entertainment and restarted the title's numbering. Proclaimed as "The Big Crossover" on the covers of the books, the story title was actually "The Big Bang". Part 12 of the series was to be published in Xander V.2 #1, but that series was dropped. Part 12 was moved to I*Bots V.2#1 with both parts 13 and 14 published in Lady Justice V.2 #1. Notably absent from the crossover is Lady Justice who appears in just two panels during the story.

Plot summaries (Spoilers):

  • Wheel Of Worlds #1 Part One: The I*Bots (Stonewall, Itazura, Radiant, Psy-4, Killaine) battle a mysterious robot. They discover it has a soul and accidently set off its recall device.
  • Primortals #15 Part Two: The I*Bots arrive in the Phage building and destroy the Wheel Of Worlds.
  • Mr.Hero #17 Part Three: The I*Bots are scattered through many realities via temporary rifts. Mr.Hero and Adam Cain meet Itazura.
  • Mike Danger #11 Part Four: Stonewall meets Lady Sensua who desires the knowledge of how to perform dimensional travel. Xander is revealed to be on board Sensua's spacecraft.
  • Xander #8 Part Five: Purity saves Xander. Sensua's craft (with Xander following behind) travel through the dimensional rift back to Kalighoul.
  • I*Bots #7 Part Six: Killaine meets Mike Danger. They travel back through the rift to Kalighoul.
  • Lady Justice #11 Part Seven: Psy-4 meets the Primortals. They travel back through the rift to Kalighoul.
  • Phage: Shadow Death #1 Part Eight: Mr.Hero, Adam Cain and Itazura talk. The Teknophage takes Radiant prisoner and notices Lady Sensua's ship in the sky.
  • Primortals V.2 #0 Part Nine: Adam Cain worries about the implications of everything. Their group travel back through the rift. Sensua lands. Danger's group arrive. Xander's ship is about the crash land.
  • Mr.Hero V.2 #1 Part Ten: Xander's ship is saved by the Primortals. Various groups meet. Sensua and Teknophage declare war on each other.
  • Mike Danger V.2 #1 Part Eleven: Good guys plan while the bad guys fight each other. The good guys decide to help the Phage since the Wheel is so intertwined with the universe that permanant destruction will cause great unbalance. The Teknophage plans to toss Radiant out the window of the Phage building.
  • I*Bots V.2 #1 Part Twelve: Danger and Primaster save Radiant. Various heroes enter the Phage building to stop Sensua while a second group head into Sensua's ship to save the hostage Stonewall.
  • Lady Justice V.2 #1 Parts Thirteen and Fourteen: One group of heroes save Stonewall while the other group finds Sensua and the Teknophage just as they meet. Mike danger threatens to kill the Phage outright. As Sensua would rather have a chance to gain Phage's unique knowledge another day, she departs. Adam Cain sends everyone home before it's revealed Phage had built a second Wheel Of Worlds before any of this started.
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