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Tekno Comix
10 issues (August 1995-March 1996)
Henry Phage, also known as the Teknophage, rules the planet Kalighoul from his mobile fortress, the Phage building. A 65 million year old reptilian humanoid, his sole purpose is to create strife so that he may eat the gourmet treats of those who struggle against it; those with a killer instinct.

Teknophage was a spin-off comic book series from Mr.Hero. It did not survive the company move from Tekno Comix to Big Entertainment like the other two series based on Gaiman's characters, Mr.Hero and Lady Justice.

The Teknophage is a 65 million year old reptile. Over the years he became the top predator on his world, and eventually discovered wormholes which he used to travel to other worlds. He eventually learned to control the world around him with his mind. These powers include controlling others, reading people's minds, and projecting a mind blast. He was able to find new wormholes, and devised the 'teknology' to stabilize them in his machine, the Wheel Of Worlds, located at the top of the Phage building.

The Phage Building is Mr. Phage's home. It, and everything in it, runs on the teknology of industrialized alchemy, i.e. steam power of the Victorious age. Innumerable stories high, it rolls around the planet of Kahlighoul gathering people to work in it who eventually give up their souls to its furnaces. The building was made to a hierarchical scheme. The bottom levels house the vatmen and other workers, kept in line by alchemical-steambots, the Vulgar Bootmen. The middle level houses the middlemen. The top levels sport the aristocrats while the topmost level is home to Mr. Phage himself.

Plot summaries:

  • Issues #1-6: Rob Nichols, a sleazy corporate goon on Earth, gets abducted to Kahlighoul. With fellow Earth native Claudia Cassidy, the reader is led through the various levels of the Phage building and taught the history of the Teknophage as Nichols works his way up the corporate ladder on an assassination mission.
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