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Redfox was a comic book series that lasted twenty issues. The first ten issues were printed from January 1986 til July 1987 by Harrier Comics. The last ten issues were printed from September 1987 til June 1989 by Valkyrie Press. Harrier release two collections: The Book Of Redfox, reprinting issues 1-4, and Redfox Book II: The Demon Queen, reprinting issues 5-10.

Redfox was a scantly clad barbarian, joined most frequently by fellow mercenary Lyssa The Axe and Whitefox, an amateur magician created from Redfox's aura. Going back and forth between humor and straight tales, mundane and epic, the series garnered several Eagle Awards nominations, and one win in 1986 for Favorite New Comic. In 1987, it lost Favorite Comic Album to Violent Cases/comic.

Redfox began as a humor strip in the fanzine Dragonlords around 1984. It soon spun off into its own fanzine, which Harrier saw and decided to pick up. Restarting the series, the Harrier run began with creators Mike Lewis and Fox at the helm - Lewis co-plotting and writing dialogue, Fox co-plotting and doing the art. By issue five, Lewis had left. In issue seven, Chris Bell joined Fox, and together they created Valkyrie Press which took over the publishing of Redfox with issue eleven. Valkyrie Press only ever published two series: Redfox and The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright.

The series attracted several well known names. Issue covers were provided by Bryan Talbot and John Bolton, and the collection covers were by Brian Bolland and Glen Fabry. Blurbs were supplied by Terry Pratchett, Mary Gentle and Diana Wynne Jones.

Neil Gaiman met Fox at the UK Comic Art Convention in September of 1987. Perhaps coincidentally, the next issue of Redfox (number 12) had mention of a character 'Neil'. Issue number 15 featured Neil and Luther Arkwright sitting in a pub together in one panel. Fox was fond of adding well known characters to panels, and in the following issue had in the background Mr.X, The Phantom Stranger, and Black Orchid. Issue 18 promised a forthcoming Demon Queen short story by Neil. Issue 19 listed Diana Wynne Jones as a story consultant and "Complications: Neil Gaiman." The first page of the story explained "The Jones-Gaiman Theory Of Infinite Universe Behavior." Issue number 20, the final issue, featured the aforementioned Demon Queen short story, Fragments. It seems to have been meant as a set-up for a sequel to the Demon Queen saga, explaining where the second of the four Demon Queens was imprisoned, and the potential for escape. Also in issue 20 was a short story featuring Redfox meeting the "All-father". The image of the creator was a caricature of Neil Gaiman.

The series was to be written by Mary Gentle starting with issue 21. The issue was, according to issue 20, written and partially drawn, but it was never released.

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