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From An English Country Garden, Andy Mangels (McKean interview) and Peter Sanderson (Gaiman interview) for Amazing Heroes #152, Nov 1 1988

McKean:Violent Cases, McKean:Black Orchid, McKean:Sandman, McKean:AARGH, McKean:Arkham Asylum, Dave McKean, Violent Cases (play), Miracleman, Black Orchid, Sandman

Men Of Sand (Gaiman & McKean joint interview), Speakeasy #92, November 1988

Dave McKean, McKean:Arkham Asylum, McKean:Mr.X, Sandman, Books Of Magic, Miracleman

Roses Are Red, Orchids Are... Black? (Gaiman & McKean joint interview), Speakeasy #91, October 1988

Black Orchid, Dave McKean, Violent Cases/comic


Neil Gaiman Interviewed By Steve Whitaker, Steve Whitaker for FA #109, Jan 1989

Black Orchid, Outrageous Tales From The Old Testament, Neil Gaiman (Teenage Years), Ghastly Beyond Belief, Neil Gaiman (Journalism Years), Alan Moore, Borderline, Abandoned Projects (The End Of The Third Form), Abandoned Projects (The Light Brigade), Abandoned Projects (Old Magic), Violent Cases, Sandman (Preludes And Nocturnes), Notes Towards A Vegetable Theology, Abandoned Projects (Light), Abandoned Projects (Mr.X)


Death And The Modem, Colin Greenland for Fear #19, July 1990

Interview Neil Gaiman (Fantazia), Paul H. Birchfor Fantazia #4, 1990


Following His Dream, Alex Amado for Boing! #2, 1991

An Interview With Terry Pratchett And Neil Gaiman For Gamesman, Martin Tudor for Gamesman #2, 1991

Good Omens, Abandoned Projects (Hellraiser), Good Omens (film)

Neil Gaiman (Comics Interview 1991), Whitley O'Donnell for Comics Interview #103, 1991

Sweet Dreams Of Despair, James Wallis for Fear #30, June 1991


Neil Gaiman (Comics INterview 1992), Kemberly Herding for Comics Interview #116, 1992

The High Cost Of Living: A Interview With Neil Gaiman, Steve Bond for Previews V.2 #11, November 1992


A Conversation With ...Neil Gaiman (Arena), Paul H. Birch for Arena #12, August 1993

The Sandman (Permission), Permission #4, 1993

Sandman, Sandman (A Game Of You), Sandman (Brief Lives), Neil Gaiman (Teenage Years), Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Abandoned Projects (Hitchhiker's Radio Series)


Enter Sandman (Foundation), Michael Moses for Foundation V.7 #9, May 9 1994

The Gods Of The Funny Books, Erik Davis for Gnosis #32, Summer 1994


Interview With Neil Gaiman (Aberrations), Aberrations #35, December 1995

Neil: The Man Behind The Shades..., Mike A. Davis for Lacunae #3, July/August 1995

Sandman Put To Rest After Revolutionizing Medium, John Layman for Night & Day, July 27-August 2 1995

Wheel Of Worlds: Tekno's Wide World Of Gaiman, Mike Stokes for Hero Illustrated #22, April 1995


The SFX Interview Head-To-Head With The Stars: Neil Gaiman, Mary Branscombe for SFX #13, June 1996

Death (film), Good Omens, Neverwhere, Sandman






Gods And Foreheads: An Email Interview With Neil Gaiman, Sandy Auden for Vector #220, Nov/Dec 2001

American Gods





Cheap Thrills, Gina McIntyre for The Hollywood Reporter Fall 2005

Mirrormask (film), Beowulf (film)


Why Neil Gaiman is about to become bigger than death, Peter S. Scholtes for Minneapolis/St. Paul CityPages Twin Cities Reader Winter Books Issue - Volume 27 - Issue 1356 - Cover Story - November 29, 2006

Good Omens (film), Sandman (film), Beowulf (film), Wolves in the Walls, Mary Gaiman, American Gods
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