Phage: Shadow Death


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Phage: Shadow Death
Big Entertainment
6 issues (June 1996-November 1996)
A vat worker in the Phage Building on Kalighoul rallies the lowest ranks of workers to rebel, but is seemingly killed before the quickly squashed rebellion. While aristocrat Lombardo has captured rebels killed for entertainment, his wife Messalina lusts after the mysterious Shadow Phage, who has Teknophage on the ropes with his assassination attempts.
David Pugh (pencils) and Tim Perkins (inks)
Neil Gaiman's Phage: Shadow Death was follow up to Teknophage published by Big Entertainment (previously known as Tekno Comix). Frequent Gaiman collaborator Bryan Talbot provided the script, cover art, and assisted with the color guides. Todd Klein lettered. Although the series works as a stand alone tale, there are references to the previous story arc that Talbot did for Teknophage.
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