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Neil on Dvorak's CrankyGeeks vidcast. October 9, 2006

Neil reads and does Q&A at Politics and Prose. September 29, 2006 (only the audio is Neil; the video is taken from stock footage of dating public service videos and a Buster Keaton film)

John Hodgeman introduces Neil at FIT. September 2006

Neil reads "Other People" at Keplers. September 2006

Neil reads "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" at Temple. January 26, 2006. (first bit missing, alas)

Neil reads "The Day the Saucers Came" at Temple. January 26, 2006.

Neil reads from Anansi Boys, does Q&A at Dreamhaven. December 3, 2005

Neil explains the "Scary Trousers" nickname. June 29, 2001

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