Marvel Age/136


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Major news items this month: New action figures; the passing of Jack Kirby; the new Marvel Music line; new developments for the New Warriors; Blackwulf; Stan Lee's Riftworld; the latest developments for Blade; promotional comics; the marriage of Jean Grey and Scott Summers

"The Last Temptation Of Alice", a four page prose piece by Neil Gaiman, would later be slightly revised as the foreword to the The Last Temptation comic book collection. Illustrated with promotional art by Michael Zulli, this version of the introduction includes a reference to a Last Temptation computer game that Gaiman was to write which would expand the Last Temptation story. The game was never made. Later versions of the introduction cut this section out in favor of more up to date information.
Also in this issue, "Marvel And Music - A Bold Fusion", a story about the launch of the Marvel Music comic book line. Mentioning The Last Temptation, it includes a photo of Neil Gaiman with Alice Cooper. Neil is wearing a Death t-shirt by Chris Bachalo

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