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(15 February - present)
Lorraine Garland (b. 15 February), aka The Fabulous Lorraine, is Neil's personal assistant. Prior to this she was Steven Brust's personal assistant.

In her capacity as Neil's assistant she has written two essays which appear on http://www.neilgaiman.com:

When not author-wrangling, Lorraine plays fiddle. She was one half of Flash Girls, with Emma Bull, one fourth of Folk Underground, and one half of Lorraine a Malena with Malena Teves. She plays regular gigs with Paul Score.

Lorraine has a particular love of Bengal cats. She owns five: Freaky Venus, Madame Mim, Magic, King Lear the Huge and Queen Mab. She used to foster Bengals as well, but has had to put that on hold due to the special needs of her current Bengals.
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