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Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice
Tekno Comix, Big Entertainment
20 issues (September 1995 - February 1997)
The premise for the series involved a blindfolded spirit, draped in chains forged by injustice, choosing an avatar to mete out justice. The avatar was a woman recently wronged who couldn't find peace (though in some stories the women seemed more unsure about how much justice was needed). She would don a blindfold of her own and gain some extra power. For example, in the first story, a wheelchair bound woman was able to run around again. Once justice was doled out as the avatar saw fit, the spirit would go away, often leaving the avatar the worse for the wear, not sticking around to deal with any aftermath.
Dan Brereton (covers), Bill Sienkiewicz (issue #1 variant cover)

The first volume ran for eleven issues and was published by Tekno Comix; the second volume ran for nine issues and was published by Big Entertainment. Like Mr. Hero and the other series with his name on the cover, Gaiman did not contribute directly to the comics - he only supplied the initial idea for the characters.

C.J. Henderson wrote ten of the twenty issues. Dan Brereton painted all the covers except for the final issue. A variant cover for the first issue was done by Bill Sienkiewicz. Brereton, who also wrote one of the story arcs, has commented on his website that he later revised several of his cover paintings, painting out Lady Justice's blindfold. An example of his changing a painting is visible in volume two, numbers six and seven. The cover to issue number seven depicts a woman wearing just a bra, a bra which wasn't there when the cover was used in an advertisement in issue six.

The series ended without a conclusion to the last story. A collection was solicted from Checker Comics, but has yet to be released.

Plot summaries:

Volume One

  • Issues #1-3: A wheelchair bound ex-dancer sees several loved ones die during a raid on the hospital blood bank. Gaining power from Lady Justice, she hunts down first the actual killer, whom she dances to death, and then the organization behind the murder.
  • Issues #2-6: On the same day she's inducted in a gang, a young woman witnesses a drive-by shooting. One of the innocent victims is a friend of her sister's. Becoming Lady Justice, she investigates the drive-by herself as the police get frustrated that no one will cooperate with their investigation.
  • Issue 7: A farming family refuses to sell their land, and the strike force that try to kill them find Lady Justice.
  • Issues #8-11: A child molester is sprung from prison by the drug lord that he works for. Lady Justice demolishes the criminal organization as she chases the child molester.

Volume Two

  • Issue #1: A man who woos old women for their money tries to woo one of Lady Justice's avatars.
  • Issues #2-5: An actress brainwashed by an organization to become an assassin becomes an avatar and destroys those who controlled her.
  • Issues #6-8: A parole officer seeks justice for the death of her sister who was killed by some recently paroled crooks
  • Issue #9: In the first part of an unfinished story, a teacher in a rundown school becomes Lady Justice to help the most feared student on campus.


  • The Big Crossover: Lady Justice appears in two panels when the characters discuss balance.
  • I*Bots V.1 #7 & V.2 #1: I*Bot Killaine is used by a group as a scape goat for a murder, but she has amnesia and doesn't know if she killed the man or not. Lady Justice choses her as an avatar to bring forth justice.
  • Wheel Of Worlds (Issue 1): A Lady Justice special, three avatars aim to cure injustice caused by the same group - a group working for Teknophage's Kalighoul.
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