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Dirtbag #3
Dirtbag #3
Dirtbag was a short-lived comic at seven issues, self-published under Twist And Shout Comics by Richard Johnston. Dirtbag was about a sentinent ship (Dirtbag), and the abduction of an everyman (Steve) by a burly alien (Midge) and the crazy adventures they end up having. Dirtbag's first three covers had guest artists contribute, their work having been gathered at local conventions and genre societies. Neil Gaiman and Bryan Talbot contributed to the cover for the third issue, Neil doing one of his signature rat drawings. Johnson tracked Bryan and Neil down at the Preston Sci-Fi Society meeting circa 1994 to obtain the art. Artists contributing to other covers included Dave Sim, Brian Bolland, and an image of Miracleman by Mark Buckingham.

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