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In The Sandman: Preludes And Nocturnes, we are introduced to Choronzon, a Duke of Hell, "One of Beelzebub's" according to Lucifer. After traveling to Hell, Dream contends with Choronzon for the helmet that was taken from him upon his imprisonment by Roderick Burgess and the Order of Ancient Mysteries. Ruthven Sykes had stolen the helmet upon leaving the Order, later trading it to Beelzebub for a protective amulet.

Along with The Merkin, accompanies Azazel to the convocation in The Dreaming of those who wish some say in what happens to the key to Hell after Lucifer abdicates his position as its ruler in The Sandman: Season Of Mists. Azazel, Choronzon, and The Merkin made a pact to become the new triumvirate ruling over Hell. The Merkin imprisons Choronzon to be a gift/bribe to Dream in exchange for the key to Hell.

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