Charles Rowland


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Murdered by Cheeseman, Barrow and Skinner in December of 1990, as recounted in The Sandman: Season Of Mists. Rowland was attending St. Hilarion's School For Boys when his father was taken hostage in Kuwait. With no one else to stay with during the holidays, Rowland was the only student left at the school. At this point Lucifer emptied Hell and gave the key to Dream. Rowland's school became full of those graduates who had found their way to Hell.

As Rowland lay dying, he was befriended by the shade of Edwin Paine, who was murdered by Cheeseman, Barrow and Skinner in about 1915. When Death came to collect Rowland as he died, Rowland refused to accompany her. Rowland and Paine made their way out of the school to explore the world.

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