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  • Anecdotes about: The Naked Artist by Bryan Talbot, Moonstone, 2007
  • Art commentary: The Alchemy Of MirrorMask by Dave McKean, Collins Design, 2005
  • Art commentary: Dustcovers: The Collected Sandman Covers 1989-1997, Vertigo/DC, 1997
  • Blog entries: ADT;
  • Brainscan; Interview: Mr. Hero #1 (alternate cover exists), Tekno Comix, 1995
  • Change Or Die ; Roundtable discussion: The One Collection, King Hell Press, 1989
  • Character Sketches For Tekno Comix: Magian Line V.2.3 (April 1995);
  • Complications credit: Redfox #19, Valkyrie Press, 1989
  • The Coolest Thing I Know; Quote: Details October 1999
  • Creative Consultant credit: World Walkthrough: Fas Ferox,, 2006
  • Death; Who's who entry: Absolute Death, Vertigo/DC, 2009; Who's Who In The DC Universe #8, DC, 1991
  • Editorial Team Member: Fitness #19 (November 1985)
  • Eternals Proposal: Eternals Collection (alternate cover exists), Marvel, 2007
  • Fantasycon First-Timers; Anecdote: Fantasycon 2006 Book
  • A Farewell From Friends Of Bone; Quote: Previews V.XIII #10 (October 2003)
  • Garden Correspondent credit: Skeleton Crew V.2 #2 (August 1990)
  • Neil Gaiman; Interview: Fantasycon 2006 Book
  • Neil Gaiman; Interview: Following Cerebus #5, Aardvark-Vanaheim, 2005
  • Neil Gaiman; Interview: Voices Of Vision by Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Bison Books, 2005
  • Neil Gaiman; Interview: Writers On Comics Scriptwriting by Mark Salisbury, Titan Books, 1999
  • Good Omens; Interview: Giants Of The Genre by Michael McCarty, Wildside Press, 2003
  • Happy New Year From The CBLDF; Cover Letter: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Happy New Year Card 2010
  • Legendary Sandman Scribe Neil Gaiman On Cricket Bats, How To Rid Your Balcony Of Vultures & A Town Called Gaiman; Interview: Vertigo X Anniversary Preview, Vertigo/DC, 2003
  • Liverpool Street; Anecdote: The Best Of The Moth, Storyville Center For The Spoken Word, 2008; The Moth Audience Favorites V.5, Storyville Center For The Spoken Word, 2008
  • Magical Sayings (Invisible Advice): A Really Useful Book, Dark Horse, 2005
  • A Man For All Seasons; Interview: Comic Book Rebels: Conversations With The Creators Of The New Comics edited by Stanley Wiater and Stephen R. Bissette, Donald I. Fine, Inc, 1993
  • On Gratitude; Interview: On Gratitude by Todd Aaron Jensen, Adams Media, 2010
  • On The Edge: The Dreaming #19, Vertigo/DC, 1997
  • Pizza With Mr. Harlan Ellison And Mr. Neil Gaiman: Dreams With Sharp Teeth, Docuramafilms, 2009
  • Professional Secrets; Advice: The Best Of Write Now! Edited by Danny Fingeroth, TwoMorrows Publishing, 2008; Write Now! #11 (January 2006)
  • Quotes: Dark Thoughts On Writing by Stanley Wiater, Underworld Books, 1997
  • Quotes: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 25th Anniversary Illustrated Collector's Edition by Douglas Adams, Harmony Books, 2004
  • Quotes: Hot Tips From Top Comics Creators edited by Don Markstein, Fictioneer Books, 1994
  • Quotes: The Magician’s Book by Laura Miller, Little Brown And Co., 2008
  • Quotes: A Writer's Guide To The Business Of Comics by Lurene Haines, Stabur Press, 1995
  • Scary Books I Love: People Magazine March 2 2009
  • Stardust Proposal: Stardust Collection (2007 reissue), DC/Vertigo, 2007
  • Summer Reading List by various including Neil Gaiman, The Comics Journal #131 (September 1989)
  • Tekno Comix - Created various characters, including Mr. Hero, Lady Justice and Teknophage, which were developed and written by others
  • Transcription of Neil Gaiman reading Alan Moore's words at the Julie Schwartz memorial service: Alter Ego #40 (September 2004)
  • The 2007 Kirby Tribute Panel: Jack Kirby Collector #51 (Fall 2008)
  • Walking The e-Walk; Interview: The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, Workman, 2010

Unknown contributions in City Limits, The Good Book Guide, News On Sunday, The Observer Colour Supplement, Penthouse (UK), Publishing News, SHE, The Sunday Times Of London, Time Out, Today, and The Truth

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