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Neil often uses this bit when asked about his "dream casting" for the Sandman movie.

One such version is found in a transcript of an interview of Neil and Dave McKean which was conducted at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, December 1994. The interview was originally broadcast on KUCI, 88.9FM, on the program "The Holographic Universe". The question was asked by Howard Hollis from "ben is dead" magazine. Transcript by David Roel. Transcript originally located here but found here.

HH: Who do you see playing some of the characters in the Sandman movie?
NG: Tori would make a great Delirium. I like Sean Connery as Destiny. (Laughter and bad Sean Connery impressions.) Bear in mind you're dealing with Hollywood, you're dealing with this huge, strange entity that really doesn't quite know what it's doing... There are two screenwriters who seem to have the right idea, there's an executive producer who doesn't particularly... I, for my part, have elected to stay out of it. If you get involved, you can get hurt. Quite seriously, this is my baby; it's something I've been living with for seven years. Nobody should be asked to barbecue their own baby, nobody should be asked to cut off its little fingers and marinate them. And nobody should be asked to be at the other end of the phone when some guy from Hollywood rings up and says, (really bad Californian accent) "Hey Neil, y'sitting down, 'cuz hey, I got news for you guy, okay, y'ready, we got Arnie. We got Arnie. Arnie is Dream! It's casting against type, but Michael Keaton did Batman!" And I don't want to be there for that call.

In another version, Neil then impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger coming onto the line with a heavily accented: "Pleasant dreams, motherfucker!"

(In Neil's defense, his Hollywood Agent Voice is really quite stunning.)

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