Anecdotes/Looking like Alan Rickman


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Well, I don't think I look like Alan Rickman. And I used to be dead puzzled when people would compare us. That kind of stopped when I was on breakfast TV in Finland, last year. I was sitting in the studio, waiting for the second half of the interview to start, facing a huge bank of TV screens, with all the various things that were on TV in Finland at that point playing on them, along with several movies and things. And on one of the screens I noticed Alan Rickman. And then I shifted in my seat, and he shifted in his seat, and I realised that it wasn't Alan Rickman at all. And, as I explained to Lotta, my editor, who had taken me, I sort of understood the comparison to Rickman at that moment. I still don't think I look like him, mind...

But then, TV screens do odd things. Dave McKean and I were standing next to Malcolm McDowell in a New York TV studio for twenty minutes, occasionally making small talk, before he was escorted over to the interview seat, and Dave saw him on the screen and said "My god, that's Malcolm McDowell."


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